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Founder of Cabookie Cupcakes

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a loving mommy, nurse by trade, and lover of all things sweet! 


Corenza, affectionately known by family as Cabookie or CoCo, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised mostly in Louisville, KY. She’s had the spirit of an entrepreneur since childhood, using her easy bake oven to make dessert crackers with a friend and selling them around their neighborhood for .50 each! She worked in her mother’s restaurant, Dinner Is Done starting at age 11, and around that time, she also began building pricing models and service spreadsheets for friends and other businesses alike. 


In adulthood, she helped her mother spawn yet another family business—Catrina’s Kitchen Southern Spices. As the business began to take off, Corenza realized she still had the desire to start her own business. After a few hours of talking to a friend, the idea for Cabookie Cupcakes was born! 


Officially launching in April 2019, Cabookie Cupcakes has quickly become a crowd favorite! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just taming your sweet tooth, Cabookie’s Cupcakes has got you covered. Go ahead and place your order today!

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